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What to Expect.. At the Start

At the start of your care, your doctor will perform a complete assessment to gain insight about what systems in your body need the most attention.

The first visit usually lasts about 90 minutes, and includes a full history, a physical examination, and an introduction to our methods. You will receive an initial treatment to preview our style of chiropractic care, and decide if it feels right for you.

Your doctor follows up a few days later with a 60 minute session. During the second visit we discuss our findings, present your care plan, answer your questions, and then give you a complete chiropractic treatment. Your care plan will include a detailed strategy for your future visits, and might also outline specific strengthening exercises or changes in diet to support your healing. These first two sessions form the basis for our future work together.

What to Expect.. After Your First Session

Everyone's body reacts differently to chiropractic adjustments. Most people start to feel better immediately or within a few days after their first adjustment. Many people also feel tired after their first few sessions. This is because the body will start to recognize that it has internal work to accomplish, and will want rest in order to complete that task. Some people may not feel any change for up to 3-5 adjustments but then gradually notice an increase in mobility and decrease in painful symptoms.

A very small percentage of people actually feel increased pain in the first few days after an adjustment, and then notice a drastic improvement after a few days. The reason for initial discomfort can occur because the client may begin to use parts of the body that have been dormant for years. This process of 'waking up' the body can be challenging, but in the end is very rewarding.