• Mark Schulz DC

De-Bunking the Myth - #1

Once you start seeing a Chiropractor, you must keep going forever.

At TPMI – we prefer to work alongside our patients to assist them in achieving THEIR goals.

After a thorough Consultation and Exam, WE DECIDE TOGETHER how to move forward.

We may ask you to get imaging prior to beginning treatment to determine, with more precision, what other factors that we may need to take into consideration.

There is an old saying…To not see, is to not know. To not know is to guess. At TPMI we do not guess as to how to help people. We have found that very few people desire to have us guess at their condition.

Whether it be conditions or injuries from a long life of activity or inactivity, a degenerative condition, new injuries at work, or in an automobile collision, we have ideas and approaches to fit everyone’s issues and desires.

If your condition is one where supportive care may be beneficial, we will discuss the pro’s and con’s to respect both your time and pocketbook.

We will also discuss your responsibilities in keeping yourself where you desire to be. If you cannot do what you need to, and desire our help on a continuing basis, we are there to assist you.

We make recommendations like you are a member of our family, and what you choose to do is up to you. Absolutely never, ever is there a high-pressure sales pitch here.

If you desire to know more about TPMI and the team at Twin Cities Natural Care Center, as well as our affiliate referral Dr’s – give us a call today!

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