• Mark Schulz DC

Childhood Ear Infections

Today I am sharing an article that I saw posted. See below the text of my comments.

My intent is always to give you another viewpoint to consider. It is also a professional opinion.

While in this article they discuss removing the impairments to neurological communication as a benefit from the Chiropractic Adjustment - it is additionally important to consider additional structural issues that are at play.

From the time of conception, you body is designed to stretch and grow to adulthood. You see the basis of this often when it comes to the phenomenon of referred pain. The is a tubular structure that drains the fluid out of the inner ear and down your throat. It is called the Eustachian Tube.. During your adult years, the tube is oriented downhill to allow for greater drainage force. During childhood, the tube is oriented either uphill, or gravity neutral making it more difficult for the tube to drain, and more prone to blockage - usuaully from thick mucous.

There is a secondary drainage system through the lymphatic system to remove the fluid from all of the bodies tissues, which included from behind the eardrum as well. That can easily become blocked with either bacteria, or more physical blockage such as muscle spasm or mucous.

Chiropractic Adjustment changes the orientation of the bony structures. When a joint is dysfunctional, it called for assistance to re-position itself from the muscles of the body. When the muscles are successful, they stop contracting and return to a more restful state. Since our body is amazing at compensating for our many trials and tribulations, it is no wonder that we are able to do so well responding to many types of insults. But, occasionally, we are unable to fix ourselves, our body creates SYMPTOMS to get our attention and to encourage us to get help.

Where, in my opinion, and experience, Chiropractic is able to help is that if we are able to remove the alignment issues on the joints, or work on the muscles, or remove the lymphatic blockage, the body begins to heal itself.

As I have said so many times, as a Chiropractor, my job is to eliminate the barriers to your maximal healing, Many of those barriers are imposed by the patient, unknowingly. I desire to give counsel, advice, other viewpoints and to finally provide the crucial treatment and referrals that are needed in the cases that I see daily. Best of luck!


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