Hurt in an Accident?

We want you to understand that we know what you are going through.  How do we know - our Trauma Care team has unfortunately learned the hard way - by being in your exact situation

Our team - led by Dr Mark Schulz - has years of experience treating your injuries,  There isn't much we haven't seen - and we have returned all of our people back to work and back to life faster than other Drs.  Who has the time to be hurt - right?  Our Office staff are seasoned at answering all of your questions, and in dealing with adjusters and attorneys - so you just have to focus on getting back to life.  Talk with us today with any questions that you may have and lets you on the road to living better-faster!

Common Questions:

Q:  Will my insurance go up because of treatment?

A:  NO-in fact it is actually against MN law to increase rates based on an Injury Claim.  You rates may increase if you were at fault and your car was damaged.

Q:  It was my fault- can I still get care?

A:  Yes- you have actually been paying for injury care since you took out your policy.  You also have coverage for lost wages, as well as possibly for replacement services for what you can't do around the house to take care of your family

Q: Do I i need care/help?

A: When you are in a car accident, you are exposed to many forces that your car is designed to absorb through decades of engineering  advances.  That is why car damage can, but not always indicate the severity of your injuries.   Only after a comprehensive history, and exam will we know the answer to your question.  We are here to help, not force or trick anyone into care.

Q: After my accident I went to the ER or my Family Dr, and they said i was fine.  But I still hurt.  Can you help?

A; At TPMI, we have seen too often fractures and major ligament damage to your spine missed .  The other Dr's are great - but they are looking for surgical and major instability vs functional and cumulative limitations..

We assist you and your body to recover from these types of injuries.  Our team of Chiropractors, Bodywork, Medical Neurologists and Interventional Radiologists are ready to help you as needed.  We use specially designed testing protocols with a nationally recognized imaging providers and radiologists scrutinized by Dr. Schulz to find your injuries.  If we don't find your injuries, we miss the opportunity to get you back to your family, your job and your life.  Our focus is helping you to recover and get back to life! 

Q: Do I need a Lawyer?

A: Maybe.  We do not provide legal advice, but with our experience, we have met many clients that give us feedback about how that experience went with their prior cases.  We are fortunate to have met some great Attorneys that hold you as a client in top regard, and can share our experience, and our patient's opinions with you.

Providing you with the Best Care for the Best Results