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How To Get Help After An Auto Accident

The first step after suffering an auto injury is gto set up a thorough exam and consultation with a doctor of chiropractic. This is exam helps your doctor understand your symptoms to target your specific injury. Knowing the history of your body and your auto accident enables chiropractors to comprehend your needs as patient. Only after an exam, can a doctor properly assemble your unique health care recovery plan.

Treating Trauma From Auto Accident Injuries

Our expert team at TPMI Chiropractic can help you recovery from the trauma your body underwent due to a car accident. Often times, patients have symptoms of pain, headaches, dizziness, or simply don't feel like themselves.

Dr. Mark Schulz has over 30 years of experience helping patients fully recover from their accident. You can live pain free! We treat all types of injuries from car accidents including:

- Whiplash
- Headaches
- Fractures
- Ligament Damage
- Micro-skeletal Injury
- Neck Injury
- Back Injury
- All Spinal Injuries
- Shoulder, Leg, and Limb Injuries

Car Accident Injury FAQs

Will my insurance go up because of chiropractic treatment?

No, your chiropractic treatment will not affect your insurance costs. In fact, it is actually against Minnesota law to increase insurance rates based on an injury claim.  Your rates may increase if you were at fault and your car was damaged, but never due to filing an injury claim.

The accident was my fault, can I still get care?

Yes, at fault drivers are eligible for chiropractic care. You have actually been paying for injury care since you took out your insurance policy.  You also have coverage for lost wages. Depending on your situation you may also be eligible for replacement home services to cover what you can't do around the house to take care of your family.

Do I really need chiropractic care?

Only after a comprehensive history of your accident, and health exam will we know the answer to your question. At TPMI Chiropractic we are here to help, not force or trick anyone into chiropractic care. When you are in a car accident, your body is exposed to many harmful forces. Your car was designed to absorb these through decades of engineering  advances.  Car damage can, but not always, indicate the severity of your injuries. Looking at exterior car damage is often an indicator of needed healthcare.

After my accident I went to the ER, or family doctor, and they said I was fine. I still hurt, can you help?

At TPMI, we have seen too often injuries like fractures and major ligament damage to your spine missed by other healthcare professionals. These other doctors are great, but they are looking for surgical and major instability. Experienced auto injury healthcare professionals look at functional and cumulative limitations. We assist you and your body to recover from these functional types of injuries.  Our team of chiropractors, bodywork, medical neurologists and interventional radiologists are ready to help you as needed.  We use specially designed testing protocols with a nationally recognized imaging providers and radiologists scrutinized by Dr. Schulz to find your injuries.  If we don't find your injuries, we miss the opportunity to get you back to your family, your job, and your life.

Do I need a Lawyer?

Maybe. TPMI Chiropractic does not provide legal advice. However, in our 30 years of experience, we have met many clients that have hired lawyers with their prior cases.  We are fortunate to have met some great attorneys along the way that we can refer you to if you need. Like all our partners, these attorneys will hold you as a client in top regard. Together, we can share our experience, and our patient's opinions with you.


I have met and worked with approximately a dozen chiropractors in the last 20 or so years, with many of them excellent professionals in the field. However, Dr. Schulz is far and away the best I've worked with.
I met Dr. Schulz in 2004 after a serious car accident. I was very fortunate in meeting him at that time because I believe he took months if not years off of my recovery. I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated or as caring as Dr. Schulz. With his help I am now back into tae kwon do competition.


Dr. Mark was able to resolve my son's medical issues with one appointment that 5 other medical doctors and specialists couldn't over 4 months. I trust and would recommend Dr. Mark to anyone having back and neck issues!

Father of patient

Dr. Mark is very thorough and his sports medicine knowledge is quite extensive. I know I can depend on his expertise to correct and injury and preventive adjustments to avoid re-injury.


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