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With Over 30 Years Of Healthcare Experience In Treating & Rehab For Sport Injuries, TPMI Chiropractic Can Help You Recover!

How to Get Relief Following a Sports Injury

If you have suffered a sports injury in Osseo, Maple Grove, or Brooklyn Center, MN, it's a good idea to set up an appointment with a trusted chiropractic professional. Your doctor of chiropractic care will gather the information needed to understand your medical and health history. Once your doctor understands the circumstances of your injury, they will set up a tailored treatment plan to include sports rehabilitation. Through a combination of adjustments, healthy choices, nutrition and targeted exercises (rehab), you can help your body heal quickly! You will be back to playing the sport you love in no time.

Get Care From The Top Sports Injuries Chiropractor in Osseo & Maple Grove

Dr. Mark is recognized state wide as a top sports injury chiropractor with 14 years of devotion to the United States Olympic Committee and extensive work with many local sports teams, including the Osseo Orioles football team! Dr. Mark & the team at TPMI Chiropractic provide sport injury care you can count on.

Our team will pinpoint spine, joint, and muscle damage resulting from your sports injury. We will work hard to alleviate any pain you're experiencing quickly, while carefully putting together a plan for longterm care. With three decades of experience, Dr. Mark Schulz specializes in addressing injuries to help weekend warriors or star athletes get back in the game. Live without pain! Sports injuries we treat include:

- Sprains
- Dislocations
- Knee injuries
- Back injuries
- Neck injuries
- Shoulder injuries
- Swollen muscles
- Strains
- Achilles' tendon injuries
- Shin splints
- Fractures
- And More!

Sport Injury FAQs

What is an "overuse" injury?

Overuse injuries happen from repetitive use that your body is not used to enduring. For example, if you play tennis or golf in the Osseo, or Maple Grove, area you may overuse your muscles and tendons striving to perfect your swing. Tennis elbow, tendonitis and other conditions impacting the spine, joints and supporting soft tissue can cause lasting damage if left untreated.

Can I really get whiplash playing sports?

When athletes play with their whole heart and put their bodies on the line for their teams, they can be susceptible to whiplash. If your head hits the ground or gets twisted in close contact sports, you can get whiplash, which features spinal misalignments and herniation. Our chiropractor in Osseo, MN, can realign the neck spine to alleviate pain and tension.

Do I really need chiropractic care for a sport related injury?

It's hard to get sidelined in sports due to an injury. A sports injury chiropractor specializes in natural, non-surgical treatment designed to get you back in play as fast as possible. When you undergo chiropractic care, it facilitates your bodies healing ability. This may help you avoid surgical solutions and alleviate pain. When you come to a chiropractic clinic for care, joint and spinal alignments release pressure on the nerves and allow the free flow of blood and nutrients that can help you heal.

Does chiropractic care for sports injuries last?

For chronic injuries, you may continue to experience discomfort and pain for many years after the initial injury heals. Chiropractic care can reduce pain levels and help promote healing, but can never guarantee you won't get injured again. Athletes should seek chiropractic care to alleviate pain and reduce the chances for re-injury. At TPMI, we have seen too often injuries like fractures and major ligament damage missed by other healthcare professionals. Sometimes, bands of internal scarring called adhesions reduce your range of motion. Our chiropractor may suggest deep tissue massages, which breakup adhesions and alleviate pain. Let us help you regain functionality in the impacted area.

Do I need a Lawyer?

Maybe. TPMI Chiropractic does not provide legal advice. However, in our 30 years of experience, we have met many clients that have hired lawyers with their prior cases.  We are fortunate to have met some great attorneys along the way that we can refer you to if you need. Like all our partners, these attorneys will hold you as a client in top regard. Together, we can share our experience, and our patient's opinions with you.


I have met and worked with approximately a dozen chiropractors in the last 20 or so years, with many of them excellent professionals in the field. However, Dr. Schulz is far and away the best I've worked with.
I met Dr. Schulz in 2004 after a serious car accident. I was very fortunate in meeting him at that time because I believe he took months if not years off of my recovery. I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated or as caring as Dr. Schulz. With his help I am now back into tae kwon do competition.


Dr. Mark was able to resolve my son's medical issues with one appointment that 5 other medical doctors and specialists couldn't over 4 months. I trust and would recommend Dr. Mark to anyone having back and neck issues!

Father of patient

Dr. Mark is very thorough and his sports medicine knowledge is quite extensive. I know I can depend on his expertise to correct and injury and preventive adjustments to avoid re-injury.


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