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Dr. Schulz's experience recognizes that traumatic injuries and conditions can be very complex.

As a part of his approach, Dr. Schulz leads a TEAM focus to your health care. TPMI is uniquely suited to help with car collision/accident and chronic conditions that people have trouble finding help for at other places. TPMI is a proud member of the Twin Cities Natural Health Care family.

Dr. Schulz has been operating a thriving family practice in Osseo, MN for many years. ​Additionally, Dr. Schulz has an extensive resume in sports medicine. His resume includes 14 years as a Certified Athletic Trainer prior to Chiropractic.  He has had invitations to the Salt Lake and Atlanta Olympic Games through his 14 years of devotion to the United States Olympic Committee.  

Dr. Schulz started in the healthcare field in High School where he studied Injury Management at the University of Wisconsin, as well as alongside the Orthopedic Surgeon in his hometown of Burlington, WI. ​He has worked as the Athletic Trainer to schools such as Franklin (WI), Martin Luther (WI), Wayzata (MN), Prior Lake (MN), Bloomington Kennedy (MN) and Bloomington Jefferson (MN).  His decision to move to Chiropractic came as a shift to being able to offer more comprehensive care to his patients, as well as to be able to participate in the lives of his 4 children.


I have met and worked with approximately a dozen chiropractors in the last 20 or so years, with many of them excellent professionals in the field. However, Dr. Schulz is far and away the best I've worked with.
I met Dr. Schulz in 2004 after a serious car accident. I was very fortunate in meeting him at that time because I believe he took months if not years off of my recovery. I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated or as caring as Dr. Schulz. With his help I am now back into tae kwon do competition.


Dr. Mark was able to resolve my son's medical issues with one appointment that 5 other medical doctors and specialists couldn't over 4 months. I trust and would recommend Dr. Mark to anyone having back and neck issues!

Father of patient

Dr. Mark is very thorough and his sports medicine knowledge is quite extensive. I know I can depend on his expertise to correct and injury and preventive adjustments to avoid re-injury.


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